B2B Selling Evolved

In the last decade, the nature of B2B selling has changed greatly with the introduction of new ways to communicate with prospects, vendors, partners, and employees. Technology has accelerated the speed at which modern businesses operate, in turn making any business looking to meet its potential reliant upon other new technologies and methodologies. Fortunately, these

Marketing and Sales Collaboration | Idea Marketing

Collaboratively harnessing the business intelligence gathered by both the sales and marketing departments provides a firm with a comprehensive view of the entire sales cycle from pitch to purchase. This meeting of the minds allows for effective support throughout the process, a defined hand-off point for lead follow up, capitalization on the initial sales response.

How can I shorten long sales cycles?

The B2B sales cycle is often long because it involves decision making from a team of executives from different department. Closing sales also takes time because of other hurdles like deliberations on your product. Here we give some tips to shorten long sales cycles. The following are some suggestions you can incorporate in your selling

Selling Process Introduction

Since sales are an essential part of a healthy business, business owners and salespeople should be familiar with the steps of the selling process.  Following a repeatable process allows process improvement and increases sales over time. Product Knowledge You need enough knowledge about your product’s benefits, features, and advantages over competing products to be able

Three Requirements for Successful Enterprise Collaboration Sales

Today, enterprise sales teams have an ongoing need to identify new ways of increasing productivity and staying a step ahead of  the competition. As management looks to streamline operations and use available resources more efficiently, the focus has turned to collaboration sales. This approach leverages limited resources, and aligns the long-term goals and success of the

I know about Web 2.0. Is There a “Sales 2.0″?

Most people familiar with the Internet and use of it for business are also familiar with Web 2.0 as the evolution of the Internet to an interacting social media platform. However, only a few folks are also familiar with the concept of Sales 2.0 and its value of collaboration sales. Sales 2.0 is generally in

Top 10 ways to SPIF your B2B channel partners and resellers – Go the DELL way on a smaller budget

A Day in the Life of a B2B Channel Partner and Reseller Manager B2B channel partner managers and teams get calls and advice from the field, the product managers, and their managers on how to increase share of channel sales as a percentage of overall revenue. Majority of those recommendations are about creating SPIFs (Sales